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Router Edimax BR-6228NS 150Mbps

Cód: 2335
USD 34 impuestos incluídos

The Edimax BR-6228Ns 150Mbps Wireless 11n Broadband Router uses the latest wireless green technology that can save energy by detecting the usage of wireless transference. It supplies the right amount of power to reach each connected wireless device when they are performing data transmission, saving up to 74 percent of power consumed. At full capacity, the broadband wireless router can save 50 percent more power than non-green solution routers.

Edimax BR-6228Ns 150Mbps Wireless 11n Broadband Router: ?Includes 4P switch
?Supports WISP (Wireless ISP) connection mode
?Supports Green technology for power saving
?Includes EZmax multi-language setup wizard
?Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2, DDNS, DMZ, Virtual Server, QoS and DHCP
?With 1 x fixed 3dBi antenna