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Parlantes A4Tech 2-1 XS-900 c/control

Cód: 2183
USD 111 impuestos incluídos


Number of channels 2.1
The total capacity of 75 W
Frequency range 40-20000 Hz
Signal/noise ratio 80 Db
Functional capabilities
Tone control BASS/TREBLE
remote control wired
Power from the network
Line input (stereo) there are, RCA/mini jack
Headphone connector yes
The number of bands front speakers 2
The power of the front speakers 20 W
The power of the subwoofer 35 W
Diameter speakers front speakers 1x25, 2x76.2 mm
The diameter of the subwoofer speakers 1x165 mm
More information
Dimensions front speaker 87?265?98 mm
The size of the subwoofer 215?325?325 mm